Walks at Tinos Island

Enjoy moments of fun & hospitality.

Tinos & Feasts

A lucky holidays tourist is the one that has been to a village feast of Tinos. One is bound to live unique moments of fun and hospitality. All houses are open for tourists, tables laid, and visitors are more than welcomed. One will be approached by the householders of Tinos and will be pushed to choose to eat in their house. There is bound to be much pressing and one should satisfy them all by trying all rich Tinian home cooked meals that the housewives have been preparing for at least the last two days.


Nature and Walks at Tinos

Nature has endowed Tinos island with lots of marble reserves, white, whitish, gray and green. The last is known worldwide for its quality. The holidays tourist should not leave the island without paying a visit to Falatados and Volax villages to admire a vast expanse of some square km dotted with millions of almost round boulders, a unique sight in the world, since it can only be seen in Mexico and Tinos. The island is also full of caves, most of them unexplored. The most important ones are these of Gastrion, Mygospilia and the cave of the Guitar.


The mountains of Cyclades

Tinos is mountainous, like all Cycladic Islands. Tsiknias is the highest mountain (Height: 713 m), on top of which, according to mythology, was the palace of Aeolos, God of Wind. Tinos is noted for its hunting areas (there are passages for quails, turtledoves, woodcocks, rabbits and partridges threatened with extinction) and produces large quantities of high quality honey from thyme.

Not to be missed are the homemade cheeses and wines, as well as the famous Tinos beef and pork. Years ago people used to rear silkworms and thus silk was much sought after in the harems of the East.

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