About The Island

Have you heard of Tinos Island?...

Tinos is the sacred island of Megalohari (the Blessed Virgin), homeland of a large number of great modern Greek sculptors and painters.

Tinos has more than 40 inhabited villages today, about 1000 country churches, founded on slopes and hilltops, 1000 or so dovecotes, while masterpieces of local architecture and tens of derelict windmills are found in its gullies and valleys. The scenery is lined by thousands of kilometers of dry stone walls that make the landscape visually unique.

The Landscape of Cyclades

The beauty of Cycladic landscape in combination with rich cultural tradition and the famous hospitality of the people of Tinos, are forming one of the most exceptional tourist destinations in Greece.

Holidays at the Island of Madonna

Well known as the “Island of Madonna”, Tinos is the greatest center of pilgrimage in Greece.
For that reason most of the holiday visitors do not prolong their stay, and thus see little of the island’s beauty, leaving Tinos island almost undiscovered.

Tinos & Cycladic Villages

There are more than 40 blindingly white traditional villages, with pure Cycladic architecture, scattered in an extraordinary scenery. 194 square kilometers are offered to the visitor, with tens of superb beaches and crystal-clear water for swimming, taverns and restaurants in the picturesque small ports, and museums with traditional artefacts.

The endless beauty of Tinos

Day and night the choices are endless. Daily excursions by car and boats around Tinos and the Cyclades islands, museums, traditional festivals, local delicious food, nightlife and amusement.
Tinos of yesterday, of today, of tomorrow.
Tinos does not shout its beauty like Mykonos; it does not show off ancient charms like Delos. Tinos would rather be discovered!

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